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The Big Part Of My Collection!

The Big Part Of My Collection!

Monday, 11 April 2011


Now here is something that makes me laugh. Ebay. (Yes the word just simply sets me into hysterics!) No, i mean just how expensive it is. I mean just look at some of the stuff people sell on there. I saw the other day, someone was selling half on Anakin's Podracer, yeah sure someone may want it, but this guy did it at a buy it now...how much do you think it was for? £3, £6...no, it was a staggering £15 Buy it now...for something that wasn't complete/broken. What made me laugh even further was someone had actually bid on this. £8! Someone had bid 8 pounds on something that was only worth fifty pence. I only bid as much as i would at a carboot sale (usually means i lose, but hey the thought was there) I don't know about you guys, but i don't go to a carboot sale, see a broken figure and then offer the bloke a tenner for it. it's silly. It's barbaric. It's ruddy stupid. So, next time you are on ebay, and you think oo i need that armless, hairless, clotheless figure...which is only a tenner. Remember this, i am watching you, and i am kicking you virtually!