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The Big Part Of My Collection!

The Big Part Of My Collection!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Collecting no more...

Ahhh fooled ya!

Still collecting! But the lines I am collecting are being drastically cut down.

It seemed like last year, being the first year on my own...I went a tad overboard and if I didn't find something I wanted, I merely started a new line.
This has now led to many different lines across my house, which looks a little here and there (AKA All over the place)

I only really noticed it when I purchased a nice set of balls.

Dragonballs that is.

They still sit on the sofa with me, simply because they don't fit anywhere, there is nothing for them to go with. Yeah they look nice, and I enjoy looking at my balls.
My mum has seen my balls
My friends have seen my balls
I even uploaded two picture of my balls onto facebook.
But it just doesn't help me and the placement of them.

So, I have decided that this year I shall only focus on the following
Star wars 6" line (I do honestly feel I may have come to an end with the 3 3/4 inch line and I find myself just collecting them here and there with no actual excitement behind them)
Transformers Generations (Though the plastic is weak, they look sweetttt)
Iron man - Who doesn't love iron man?
Power rangers - Been addicted to those since August 2013 and I don't think it's gonna calm down any time soon.

Unfortunately, the following lines are now being stopped:
Star Trek
Doctor who
And random other bits

It's been really fun to collect all sorts, but it feels like the collection isn't getting the organisation and space for what I am really excited for.
Some figures I play around with all week - whereas some of the lines I am cancelling...I find I just take out of packaging and it's straight into the nearest open space to place them, never to be moved again.

I'm real excited for the lines I still have planned. In condensing, I will have more money to place towards the lines I am super excited for.
It also allows me to sell some of the stuff, to ensure it goes somewhere where it gets the attention.

Finally, if you ever see me in the street...Feel free to ask me about my balls- they are so perfect I think everyone will enjoy them.
Perhaps if you hold them, you'll make my dragon rise.
ok, I am done ruining your childhood

Till all are fun!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Are reviews becoming too short?

So, I know a few months ago I began the S.A.S (Short attention span) reviews - which took off very well.
It allowed the viewers to have a quick breakdown of a figure and enjoy just looking at it (Normally viewers are treat to a 20 second snippet of just looking)...as well as a little comedy in the middle.

Viewers want everything in very little time, and so I felt this was the right way to go...

However, recently I have been watching videos 1-3 minutes long and getting a sense of....well lack of appreciation for the figure. The youtuber points to the figure, explains articulation and accessories and BOOM! Suddenly you've had everything thrust at you and you're looking at suggestions for other videos. You just sit there going..."huh, well...next."
You feel indifferent to the figure and not overly hyped on that video.

As reviews are shrunk, very few people can cram in all they need to say - which essentially chops out what we have come to love on their channel as they bring it right down to basics.
I once heard someone say a comment towards vine and youtube
"On youtube, you can take forever with unlimited time...on Vine, it's more challenging to get your personality and the point across in 6 seconds using only raw footage"

This is something I agreed with. My videos take around 8 minutes to record and take around 30-45 minutes to edit that into something that is....me, TheDarthPrime. I have to make it fun, make it informative and ensure that at the end you are left wanting more. At that same time, I want you to have enjoyed what you saw and can see how great (or crap) the figure is.

So the question I want you guys to talk about - is do you feel the same? Have you seen your favourite youtubers trim down their videos durations, to something they have recorded in 3 minutes and just splashed it onto youtube without any real care or personality to the video?

Let me know your thoughts through facebook.

Monday, 25 November 2013

NEC Memorabilia November 2013

So, my third year going to the NEC Memorabilia show. Even though it was my third year I am still not showing any signs of tiring of it.

I still got the same butterflies as normal and didn't sleep the night before. This years line up of stars was a considerable amount, from actors who had been in the background to the main cast. We had stormtroopers, Biggs, Canteen Aliens and more from Star Wars.
This time also saw The Cat and "Rimmer" from Red Dwarf. The queue for these two was immense, and whilst I was eager to get a signed photo I did pass....So I could get more figures.

Once again, the entire hall (Which seems to consist of two halls split into one) was teeming with collectors and film fans. As you walked through the first door, you are greeted with a high level of chatter and many, many stalls of all your favourite items. As you walk around you hear many conversations of Star Trek, Transformers, Star Wars and so on.
During the walk you must be careful of the recent team of hobbits. Walking around barefoot is a brave thing to do, especially when you can barely even see the ground (let alone someone's toes)

Cosplayers are a-plenty when it comes to the collector show and it does add another reason to go each year.
On top of this, is also the incredibly interesting scent of body odour. Whilst I am proud to be a geek, it does appear I need to assist certain ones in at least a little body spray for the day. This, added with the smell of...Well, let's be honest..Fart....Also makes for an interesting walk around.
Thankfully, these scents only appear a few times throughout the day.

I did meet up with many youtubers, and had great conversations whilst they experienced the complete randomness that is me. I am very eager to get as many people to go as possible each year, as it is such a fantastic event.

All in all, it was a brilliant day. I have never seen £230 disappear quite so quickly and I do aim to take more than that next year. Below is the video link of all the stuff I have got from there, however, if you don't have 5 minutes...I have also applied the image below. Damn! I am good to you. 
So, if you are on the fence about it I urge you to go...you won't regret it


Sunday, 17 November 2013


Soooo, I haven't updated this in monthsss! Mostly down to some problems that arose - however - I am aiming to place more on here so that you can get more details about changes.
So, to kick things off - here is an image of my power rangers collection at the moment.
Please also enjoy the above image of my collection (at the top of this blog) and my newly created channel icon.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ironhide Comes To An End!

Hey hey guys,

So here it is, the finale, the end, the finisher...

I have finally picked up the final ironhide for my film collection...or "Bayformers" as many have come to know!

After almost a year,  I finally tracked down the elusive Leader Class Ironhide, and what a figure! With weapons popping out from arms and legs, it is impossible to get bored of this guy.

This, (As seen below) looks fantastic alongside my HFTD Deluxe Ironhide and my Voyager class DOTM Ironhide.

Just like bumblebee, what better way to celebrate the end than with a leader class?

So enjoy the picture, and, although Ironhide died in the film, through this leader class, he will live on....Also if i watch transformers one and two again, he comes back to life....i am the creator of life, just give me an xbox and a rewind button

Friday, 13 April 2012

Hauls Over The Last Week Or So

Hey hey guys, it is I...Captain Birdseye!

Nah, I don't have fishsticks...unless I have been sticking it into some dodgy women! Ha! Rude

So here, is the stuff I have managed to pick up over the last couple of weeks. Enjoy the High Quality Pictures

Star Wars - Power Of The Jedi | Porkins
Star Wars - Power Of The Jedi | Sebulba

Transformers Prime - First Edition | Bumblebee

Star Wars - New Sculpt | Captain Rex

Star Wars Arc 170 Battle Pack | Clone Trooper

Star Wars Arc 170 Battle Pack | Clone Pilot

Star wars Vintage Collection | R2-D2

Star Wars Arc 170 Battle Pack | R4-C7

Star Wars Vintage collection | Lando Calrissian

Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith | Mas Amedda
Star Wars Vintage Collection | Quinlan Vos

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Toys R Us...With New Stock?

Hey hey guys,

So Saturday 24th March 2012, I went down to see my brother, to give him his birthday present. However, as I bought him a gift I was over come with extreme jealousy! I wanted some new stuff too.
I headed down to my local toys r us, and to my shock they had some of the Vintage collection Phantom Menace figures (Actually they had all of them, dunno why i said some, but now i am too lazy to click on the some, delete it and change it to all)
I am rather skint at the moment, but still took a few moments to crack open my bank and get six fantastic figures

Daultay Dofine
So first up we had Daultay Dofine-  oddly enough he was the first one I actually wanted to pick up, and I have to say, what a figure, fantastic articulation, awesome sculpt, and a free blaster too.

Hasbro, you do spoil us

Anakin Skywalker
This was the second guy I went for. This is the second release of this figure, the first we saw was the 1999 figure. Yes that figure was nice, but compared to this one, it really lacked

Included in this "Ball jointed everywhere" child comes with a Jedi training helmet..thing, a lightsabre, an unlit lightsabre and a training...ball
So Hasbro didn't try and skank us with this figure and what he lost in size was made up for in accessories

Battle Droid
This was the guy i picked up a bit hesitantly, and once i got him home, i realised why

The face sculpt is wayyyy off, and the size of the figure is smaller than even the Clone Wars Battle Droid

He comes with two interchangeable backpacks so you can make it a leader or just a normal battle droid - in my eyes though, get the saga legends.

Naboo Royal Guard
I believe this is the first time we have seen this figure, and what a time to come out, when Hasbro are at the top of their game with all this articulation.
I love this figure, and i am loving the highly detailed blasters that come with em
This guy only comes with a removable helmet and gun, but this is allowed as the figure is top notch

 Ratts Tyerell & Pit Droid

As we have all seen, i have slowly been getting all the podracing pilots, so to see this guy was awesome, articulation on these two are rubbish, but for a figure so small, that is to be expected.

The additional pit droid, weapon, removable helmet and detail just sell this figure

Just a shame, the picture on the cardback is the photo two seconds before he dies....

Ben Quadinaros & Otoga-222

As i just mentioned before, seeing podracing pilots in the vintage collection just feeds my addiction

Compared to Ratts, this guy as fantastic articulation, bit lacking in neck and body, but that's cos his neck is his body.
The pit droid is lacking in articulation but that is to be expected

The both of these make an awesome pack though