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The Big Part Of My Collection!

The Big Part Of My Collection!

Monday, 25 November 2013

NEC Memorabilia November 2013

So, my third year going to the NEC Memorabilia show. Even though it was my third year I am still not showing any signs of tiring of it.

I still got the same butterflies as normal and didn't sleep the night before. This years line up of stars was a considerable amount, from actors who had been in the background to the main cast. We had stormtroopers, Biggs, Canteen Aliens and more from Star Wars.
This time also saw The Cat and "Rimmer" from Red Dwarf. The queue for these two was immense, and whilst I was eager to get a signed photo I did pass....So I could get more figures.

Once again, the entire hall (Which seems to consist of two halls split into one) was teeming with collectors and film fans. As you walked through the first door, you are greeted with a high level of chatter and many, many stalls of all your favourite items. As you walk around you hear many conversations of Star Trek, Transformers, Star Wars and so on.
During the walk you must be careful of the recent team of hobbits. Walking around barefoot is a brave thing to do, especially when you can barely even see the ground (let alone someone's toes)

Cosplayers are a-plenty when it comes to the collector show and it does add another reason to go each year.
On top of this, is also the incredibly interesting scent of body odour. Whilst I am proud to be a geek, it does appear I need to assist certain ones in at least a little body spray for the day. This, added with the smell of...Well, let's be honest..Fart....Also makes for an interesting walk around.
Thankfully, these scents only appear a few times throughout the day.

I did meet up with many youtubers, and had great conversations whilst they experienced the complete randomness that is me. I am very eager to get as many people to go as possible each year, as it is such a fantastic event.

All in all, it was a brilliant day. I have never seen £230 disappear quite so quickly and I do aim to take more than that next year. Below is the video link of all the stuff I have got from there, however, if you don't have 5 minutes...I have also applied the image below. Damn! I am good to you. 
So, if you are on the fence about it I urge you to go...you won't regret it


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