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The Big Part Of My Collection!

The Big Part Of My Collection!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ironhide Comes To An End!

Hey hey guys,

So here it is, the finale, the end, the finisher...

I have finally picked up the final ironhide for my film collection...or "Bayformers" as many have come to know!

After almost a year,  I finally tracked down the elusive Leader Class Ironhide, and what a figure! With weapons popping out from arms and legs, it is impossible to get bored of this guy.

This, (As seen below) looks fantastic alongside my HFTD Deluxe Ironhide and my Voyager class DOTM Ironhide.

Just like bumblebee, what better way to celebrate the end than with a leader class?

So enjoy the picture, and, although Ironhide died in the film, through this leader class, he will live on....Also if i watch transformers one and two again, he comes back to life....i am the creator of life, just give me an xbox and a rewind button

Friday, 13 April 2012

Hauls Over The Last Week Or So

Hey hey guys, it is I...Captain Birdseye!

Nah, I don't have fishsticks...unless I have been sticking it into some dodgy women! Ha! Rude

So here, is the stuff I have managed to pick up over the last couple of weeks. Enjoy the High Quality Pictures

Star Wars - Power Of The Jedi | Porkins
Star Wars - Power Of The Jedi | Sebulba

Transformers Prime - First Edition | Bumblebee

Star Wars - New Sculpt | Captain Rex

Star Wars Arc 170 Battle Pack | Clone Trooper

Star Wars Arc 170 Battle Pack | Clone Pilot

Star wars Vintage Collection | R2-D2

Star Wars Arc 170 Battle Pack | R4-C7

Star Wars Vintage collection | Lando Calrissian

Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith | Mas Amedda
Star Wars Vintage Collection | Quinlan Vos

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Toys R Us...With New Stock?

Hey hey guys,

So Saturday 24th March 2012, I went down to see my brother, to give him his birthday present. However, as I bought him a gift I was over come with extreme jealousy! I wanted some new stuff too.
I headed down to my local toys r us, and to my shock they had some of the Vintage collection Phantom Menace figures (Actually they had all of them, dunno why i said some, but now i am too lazy to click on the some, delete it and change it to all)
I am rather skint at the moment, but still took a few moments to crack open my bank and get six fantastic figures

Daultay Dofine
So first up we had Daultay Dofine-  oddly enough he was the first one I actually wanted to pick up, and I have to say, what a figure, fantastic articulation, awesome sculpt, and a free blaster too.

Hasbro, you do spoil us

Anakin Skywalker
This was the second guy I went for. This is the second release of this figure, the first we saw was the 1999 figure. Yes that figure was nice, but compared to this one, it really lacked

Included in this "Ball jointed everywhere" child comes with a Jedi training helmet..thing, a lightsabre, an unlit lightsabre and a training...ball
So Hasbro didn't try and skank us with this figure and what he lost in size was made up for in accessories

Battle Droid
This was the guy i picked up a bit hesitantly, and once i got him home, i realised why

The face sculpt is wayyyy off, and the size of the figure is smaller than even the Clone Wars Battle Droid

He comes with two interchangeable backpacks so you can make it a leader or just a normal battle droid - in my eyes though, get the saga legends.

Naboo Royal Guard
I believe this is the first time we have seen this figure, and what a time to come out, when Hasbro are at the top of their game with all this articulation.
I love this figure, and i am loving the highly detailed blasters that come with em
This guy only comes with a removable helmet and gun, but this is allowed as the figure is top notch

 Ratts Tyerell & Pit Droid

As we have all seen, i have slowly been getting all the podracing pilots, so to see this guy was awesome, articulation on these two are rubbish, but for a figure so small, that is to be expected.

The additional pit droid, weapon, removable helmet and detail just sell this figure

Just a shame, the picture on the cardback is the photo two seconds before he dies....

Ben Quadinaros & Otoga-222

As i just mentioned before, seeing podracing pilots in the vintage collection just feeds my addiction

Compared to Ratts, this guy as fantastic articulation, bit lacking in neck and body, but that's cos his neck is his body.
The pit droid is lacking in articulation but that is to be expected

The both of these make an awesome pack though

Friday, 23 March 2012

Darth Maul has his revenge

Hey hey guys,

"At last we shall reveal our awesome articulation to the Jedi"
So following my last post, guess what came in the mail? The one, the only Darth Maul!!
I must say, looking at it in the packaging did it no justice at all.
The mold is amazing, the accessories are great, the paint apps on the lightsabre however...Terrible

I have taken a photo of him looking mighty and proud on the star wars shelf, which is just below. Enjoy the pictures guys i am off to go watch Tron Legacy

Later dudes...

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Vintage Collection Darth Maul

Hey hey guys,
I am sooo looking forward to getting him - Picture was taken from rebelscum.com

Just another quick update of a purchase i have got. I have been tracking this guy down for months and now I finally won him off ebay for just 6 pounds!!

So, Vintage Collection Darth Maul - the last Darth Maul I got was in 2000, and needless to say the articulation was rubbish!! Now with this epic new one, we can now recreate that classic start to all the battles

So check out the picture, to get you all excited

Later dudes!!!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Star Wars Sideshow Yoda

Hey hey guys,

Looking awesome sat on his little log...with the random snake
So as I mentioned before, Yoda has finally arrived, and i must say, it is amazing! The pictures do not do it justice and neither do the reviews. The realism is amazing, although as a friend of mine pointed out, he does have a very shiny face.

The amount of things that come with him too are pretty impressive
He doesn't come with the standard Sideshow Stand but he does come with:
  • A log
  • A variety of hands,
  • Two sets of feet
  • A variety of hands
  • A cane
  • ooohh, and some random snake.
So enough of my talking, check out the awesome picture of a pretty fantastic sideshow....even though he is very small...... but hey, it isn't the size that counts, it's how you display it

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Douglas The Dewback's Mum is Revealed

Hey Hey guys,

Just to let you all know that Douglas is back, just in time (Due to crappy YouTube issues) for mothers day!!!
Douglas arrives with a gift for his mum, something Dark, Something that fell down a shaft....and something that is guaranteed to be eaten. Don't expect Douglas's mum to be a dewback though (Nor sound like a woman.) As always, TheDarthPrime Channel has placed an odd twist on it.

So come on guys and gals, and take another Journey with Douglas and his very Angry, Australian sounding mother.

Just click on the link on the image

Live long and prosper....oh wait that is Star Trek....

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Star Wars Sideshow Collections - 17/3/2012

Hey hey guys,

So i have the Sideshow Collectibles - ESB - Jedi Mentor Yoda arriving on Monday, and in preperation the collection has been moved in order to have some space for the little fella and his log!
Whilst during the figures across as always, a few got posed and changed, mostly the clone troopers (Due to the amount of hands and feets you get with these guys, it is impossible to keep them in the same pose for more than five minutes)

So below are some images, that even i look at and wow at. I hope you enjoy looking at these images, i will shut up with the talking now and let you view the pictures
Oh, also the master replica helmets have been incorporated into the collection too, to allow extra sexiness

Be sure to keep an eye on this page for images of Yoda once he has come in to me.

See ya.....
Sideshow Collectibles
Episode III- Anakin Skywalker
Episode III - Kit Fisto
Episode I - Qui Gon Jinn
Episode IV - Darth Vader
Episode VI - Luke Skywalker
Episode II, III - Mace Windu
Episode I, II, III - Plo Koon
Sideshow Collectibles
Force Unleased Stormtrooper Commander
Clone Wars / Episode III - Commander Cody
Clone Wars / Episode III - Commander Bly
Episode I and III - Battle Droid
Clone Wars - Captain Rex

Master Replica
Episode III - 501st Legion Clone Trooper Helmet
Episode IV- Luke Skywalkers X - Wing Helmet
Episode III - Commander Gree's Helmet

Sideshow Collectibles
Episode I and III - Battle Droid
Episode III - 501st Legion Clone Trooper
Episode II - Clone Lieutenant
Clone Wars - Numa
Episode III - 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper
Clone Wars/ Episode III - Waxer
Clone Wars/Episode III - Boil


Friday, 16 March 2012

Douglas The Dewback Gets His Own Logo!

Hey hey guys and girls.

So, following the popular video - the day in the life of a dewback, Douglas has been a small hit. In order to get him widely noticed and become somewhat of "TheDarthPrime" icon, much like the waffle blogs (Which yes, yes, i know they are far better.)
This week, we will see Douglas return with him and his girlfriend, if they ever become a pair is anyone's guess.
In order to make sure people know who he is, and can get recognised check out his brand new logo below

I think this image does him justice and hopefully, will allow myself, Douglas and the youtube channel become a fun place to visit for all the star wars fans.

Be Warned though, there is a transformer looking to take over Douglas's place on youtube

Hope you all enjoy this guys,

See ya around

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The average day of a Dewback

Hey hey guys,

So my most recent review is up.

Following the day to day life of the Dewback, what do they think? What do they eat? How do they speak? All these questions answered today as we follow Douglas the Dewback

Just click right here, to be taken the a land far, far away

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace- Podracer Pilots!

Hey hey guys,

So today I went to one of my nearest town centres (Mostly due to someone treating me to mcdonalds) there, I went to Toys R Us, as always the choice there was minimal and sucked ass.

However, I did managed to pick up some of The Phantom Menace Podracer Pilots. This retails at around £39.99, which i must say is a really high price, but I couldn't go all that way and come back empty handed.

This pack, (as we have all come to know with Hasbro) comes with 5 figures, all of which are repacks

Included is
Dud bolt,
Mars Guo,
Clegg Holdfast, (The snotty one if you play as him on podracer revenge)
and Teemto Pagalies.

I love the look of this pack and think it would make a great addition to anyones collection, however, if you aren't a fan of repacks or don't want to pay the high price, wait a few months and i can tell you now, this will be on clearance.....

Except at toys r us, they are tight arses.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

TheDarthPrime gets a page!

Hey hey guys,

So on facebook I do have group under "The Darth Prime" - don't get me wrong it's good, but it isn't booming.

So as you can see, this new page allows us to like the page and post comments and photos with no hassle.

So if you wanna like my facebook page - click the right...hmm..here!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Darth Vader comes to TheDarthPrime channel

Hey hey guys,

Darth Vader has made a return to TheDarthPrime channel

Check out what i think of this guy, and watch me forget body part names

Just click right here - you know you want to!

Transformers Prime - Wheeljack review...

Well Guys,

The review of the newly picked up Transformers Prime: wheeljack is up and running

Few this video to see what i make of this and also see the surpise visit from Yoda and a adipose

Just click right here and enjoy

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Transformers Prime Figures...

Well guys - i have officially bought my first couple of Transformers: Prime figures...before i have even seen the programme (Go figure)
These are currently retailing from Argos at £12.99 with the voyagers being £22.99 (About the same as the dark of the moon and Revenge of the fallen classes)

I must say- they are a lot better than what i thought they would be - granted a little bit smaller than I expected but none the less pretty much spot on

I went in and picked up CliffJumper and Wheeljack (Wheeljack is my favourite, but don't tell cliff...oh too late, CliffJumper died again)

So enjoy the two snapshots below and keep an eye out for a review of one of these on Sunday 22/02/2012