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The Big Part Of My Collection!

The Big Part Of My Collection!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace- Podracer Pilots!

Hey hey guys,

So today I went to one of my nearest town centres (Mostly due to someone treating me to mcdonalds) there, I went to Toys R Us, as always the choice there was minimal and sucked ass.

However, I did managed to pick up some of The Phantom Menace Podracer Pilots. This retails at around £39.99, which i must say is a really high price, but I couldn't go all that way and come back empty handed.

This pack, (as we have all come to know with Hasbro) comes with 5 figures, all of which are repacks

Included is
Dud bolt,
Mars Guo,
Clegg Holdfast, (The snotty one if you play as him on podracer revenge)
and Teemto Pagalies.

I love the look of this pack and think it would make a great addition to anyones collection, however, if you aren't a fan of repacks or don't want to pay the high price, wait a few months and i can tell you now, this will be on clearance.....

Except at toys r us, they are tight arses.

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