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The Big Part Of My Collection!

The Big Part Of My Collection!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Star Wars Sideshow Yoda

Hey hey guys,

Looking awesome sat on his little log...with the random snake
So as I mentioned before, Yoda has finally arrived, and i must say, it is amazing! The pictures do not do it justice and neither do the reviews. The realism is amazing, although as a friend of mine pointed out, he does have a very shiny face.

The amount of things that come with him too are pretty impressive
He doesn't come with the standard Sideshow Stand but he does come with:
  • A log
  • A variety of hands,
  • Two sets of feet
  • A variety of hands
  • A cane
  • ooohh, and some random snake.
So enough of my talking, check out the awesome picture of a pretty fantastic sideshow....even though he is very small...... but hey, it isn't the size that counts, it's how you display it

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