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The Big Part Of My Collection!

The Big Part Of My Collection!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Toys R Us...magical place?

Ok, so this is the first waffle I want to get off my chest. Toys R us...
"There's a magical place, we're on our way there. With toys in there millions all under one roof"
This is the theme tune to the big toy superstore...however, millions? More like twenties!
I am a regular customer to Toys R Us, and since, well, I would say december, they have had nothing new!
How can a toy store...not have toys?! I feel sorry for the kids these days..no wonder they are all on facebook at the age of 4, there are no toys for them to play with.

I understand that with the financial issues at the moment, they may be having trouble...but when my local Sainsburys is out doing the biggest toy seller...I think it's time to call it quit! Or...merge with Smyths, which seems to have everything before it even comes out...just a shame it takes me ages to get to my local one!

I remember when I was younger, I would go round the corner to my local Toys R Us, and they would have rows of all the amazing things, but now...you walk down one aisle, and just get tumble weed! The aisles used to be filled with tons of glistening pieces of plastic, and there was always a sale on everything possible, however, now, you are lucky if you find a discount on anything in there...I bloody well can't find a discount.

So this was just a little waffle, a little rant, to decide if you actually want to read my future posts...
You will, you know you will...because..

These aren't the droids you looking for!

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