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The Big Part Of My Collection!

The Big Part Of My Collection!

Friday, 18 March 2011

What Came In The Post...

Ok, so for the last week, i have been eagerly awaiting the biggest parcel, I am ever likely to get.
And yesterday, it came, something magnificant, something sleek, something shiny, something...Royal
That's right as you can see by the photo, it's the 1999 Star Wars - Episode 1 Royal Naboo Cruiser.
What a item to own, i must say that I wanted this more than I wanted the new Millenium Falcon, (which is selling for a stupid amount, doesn't stop me wanting one though) and I am glad I did choose this over the MF, because this thing is just simply amazing!
It can either be used a vehicle or a playset, and have loads of sections and moveable parts. I have to say, for an item that came out in 1999, this is probably able to keep up with some of the newer things from Hasbro.
I give this ten out of ten....easily! And so, I shall stop waffling and just let you save the image you see before you, and stare at it, till your eyes burn away!
Ta ra for now!

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